Big Cheese BMX Handlebars

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  • Material: CroMo
  • Rise: 7-1/2

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Tricks and Spins Flatland BMX

Flatland tricks are given names, usually by the first person to invent it. For example, the first flatland "bunnyhop tailwhip" was first landed in a Burger King parking lot by Bill Nitschke, and there named a "whopper". Terry Adams invented a trick following Hurricane Katrina (since Terry lives in L ... Read More »

Whats the weight limit for BMX/Jump bikes?

I want to start getting into bmx and I've been loking for a bike. Im 6 foot 3 inches tall and weight a good 266 pounds. I figured this would be a great way to get into shape and have some fun. Are these bikes going to be sturdy and durable enough to hold me through all the jumping and stuff? [IMG]h ... Read More »

What could be the problem on why my bmx bike fork wont come out of my frame?

okay so i have a verde 2012 cadet and i wanted to go from a standard headset to a integrated headset and i looked on youtube videos on how to install an integrated headset and it said to just tap the top of the fork once you take the stem off and my fork just isnt coming out the ontop of that i cant ... Read More »

Which BMX Tires and wheels?

Hey, I'm completly re-modeling this bike. i got new handlebars, pedals, paint, everything. except tires/wheels. i don't know which to get. i live in the country, and i am on a lot of dirt paths. i need good traction, and i skid a lot. help me please. i have no idea what to get. and i want both tires ... Read More »

BMX for the kid. BMX noobie parent needs advice.

My 10 yr old son has out grown the 16" BMX and 24" MTB he was riding. He wants to do more bunny hops and jumps so my question is. Is a steel 20" BMX bike too heavy and large for a 5th grader? If it isn't too large, is it better to get a flatland bike or a street bike ? Any other thoughts much apprec ... Read More »

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