Bontrager Blade Handlebars

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MSRP : $60.00

Product Description

  • Custom butted 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Shot-peened finish for the ultimate fatigue life
  • Compact Variable-Radius (VR-C)

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Look Keo Blade pedals

Hey guys, I was wondering how these pedals stack up against the competition. The new models are out of my price range, but the 2012 models still fall within it. I have been trying out a number of pedal systems but so far none are compatible with my knees. How easy are these to adjust, and i ... Read More »

Look Keo Blade 2

FYI Bought this to replace keo blades, which I love, the problems started right out of the box the pedals do not spin upon further investigation I found out they replaced the rubber seal so the peddle does not go into the ready position other people said they would break in or that Look would replac ... Read More »

Keo Blade Clunk

I have a brand new set of Look Keo Blades (non-TI) and a new set of Look Grey cleats. On the first run with these cleats I have an odd clunk/popping/clicking sound coming from both pedals. I removed them, re-greased them, and re-installed them, but am having the same issues. The cleats are new, ... Read More »

One inch carbon straight blade fork?

Does any company still make these? I have a steel frame that I love. It came with a carbon straight blade fork and after 12 seasons I would like to replace it with something similar. I can find them with some rake, but not straight. As I am used to the wheelbase I have now I how long will it take me ... Read More »

Look's Flagship Pedal: Keo Blade Carbon Ti

I am so happy and excited, I just got Look's highest end pedals: the Keo Blade Carbon w/ Titanium spindle. Initial few miles tell me they feel amazing. The clip in is snappy and firm. getting out is the same as my old Keo 2 Max. I'd love to discuss these pedals and help out anyone else who's intere ... Read More »

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