Cinelli Cork Tape Handlebars

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Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tape: High content, natural cork in a polyurethane base with a backside/center adhesive strip for easy mounting. Cinelli logo embossed throughout tape length

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Arundel Bar Tape: Gecko Fur or Cork?

I won both in a raffle/giveaway. Both are black. Which would you run? [B]Cork bar tape[/B] is thick and softens road vibration. It can soak up moisture and yet remains easy to grip. It is fairly durable and easy to install. It holds color well and doesn’t fade. You can wash it like you wash the ... Read More »

Handlebar tape/wrap. Cork vs. Leather vs. Cloth

The cork tape on my bike will need to be replaced by next spring due to weathering and wear, etc. Granted as it was Profile Design, it might not have been [I]the[/I] top line, but it was what was available (didn't want red or blue on a green bike). Anyway, Since I'm going to replace it, what will I ... Read More »

do blue HUDZ match blue Cinelli cork tape?....

anyone seen these two together? When my custom was built I sent a piece of Blue Cinelli tape to the painter, so the panels on my road bike are an exact match to this blue. So I'm wondering if the blue HUDZ are also an exact match to the blue Cinelli tape.....Read More »

Desperately seeking black LOOK cork tape

Okay, maybe "desperate" is an exaggeration, but does anyone one know where I can get my hands on a few rolls of LOOK cork bar tape - specifically the old school black with white logos? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Read More »

Can you change the cork tape on bar phat?

I'm not a big fan of the black tape on my 2006 Roubaix Elite as I have seen similar models with the silver tape that look a lot better (yes, yes I'm being vain I know...) so does anyone know if it is possible just to remove the existing tape, keep the bar phat and put on new tape? I still need t ... Read More »

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