Cinelli Pepper Handlebars

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Cinelli Pepper Bianca alloy fixie-riser bar

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Black teenager pepper-sprayed by police in his own home

Pure racial prejudice at work in this case. Its sad commentary that the only silver lining we can find in this case is that the cops didn't kill the kid. [url=]Black teenager pepper-sprayed by police in his ... Read More »

Help! Ghost Pepper

Okay, I might have been slightly drunk when I've made a request to a friend of mine that she should grow some ghost peppers because I enjoy spicy foods. I honestly didn't think she would take action and actually grow these peppers, but she did. These peppers are getting bigger every time I see the ... Read More »

Punches thrown, pepper spray used in incident in Cape Town

Well this ride certainly took a turn for the worse. [url=]Video: South Africa cycling organisations condemn cyclists' road rage attack on van driver |[/url]Read More »

Blair's Jolokia Pepper chips...

...are pretty warm for a potato chip. I rarely eat chips but, having tried the habanero version a while back, I had to give these a shot. Not too bad at first but the heat builds and ramps up pretty quickly once it gets going. The bad part is, the heat continues to build after you stop eating them. ... Read More »

PEPPER SPRAY: It really is better to give than receive... those UC-Davis "Occupy" movement protestors/students (from this video: [url];[/url] remember it?) found out: [url=]The UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Co ... Read More »

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