Cinelli Top Ergo Handlebars

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New Old Stock Cinelli Top Ergo ’66 7075 T6 Alloy Handlebar. Double cable groove. Unseeded: blue. Drop: 156mm. Reach: 87mm. Central Sleeve Diameter: 26 mm.

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Ergo Top Carbon Handlebar But Still Take Clipons?

is there such a thing... any type of ergo carbon handlebars or flattop handlebars but i can still clip on a 26.0/31.8 clipon aerobars??? anyone? just trying to find something sexy like a K-SWORD, CINELLI RAM, PLASMA etc... but still can clip on my aerobars when i need them... anyone with suggest ... Read More »

Does a 46cm flat-top/ergo bar exist?

I'm exhausted searching for a new alu bar. It's gotta be 46cm with a flat/wing top and ergo drops. Does this exist? Easton/FSA/Bonty are out it seems as they only offer up to 44cm. Any leads would be great.:thumbsup:Read More »

Tape needed on ergo/flat top bars?

The newer bars that are out now that have the wide flat top section, do they need tape for the cushion or does the wide support the hand more now that gloves will do. Or maybe just a thin, no padded tape for grip?Read More »

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