Control Tech Bull Horn Handlebars

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Product Description

  • Classic horn design specially for triathlon bike.
  • Suitable for pursuit-type brake levers.

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Nitto stainless steel Bull horn Bar

Hello, I have been on the prowl for titanium 'anything' of late. Just pretty much seeing what's out there to upgrade parts on my bike. I was specifically after Bull horn bars in Titanium, but no luck ! Then I came across this Nitto bar… [url= ... Read More »

Wanting to replace my Bull horn / Aero bars with drops

I bought a road bike off of craigslist a few weeks ago and I have been riding it. One thing I have decided on is that I definitely want to get rid of the bull horn aero bars and go to the normal drop bars. When I got the bike, it was set up as a single speed. I geared it and added Shimano SL-BS7 ... Read More »

cloth bar tape on bull horn tips?

I am going to be putting some cloth bar tape on a set of bull horns and was wondering if there is any difference in the procedure compared to regular bar tape. I have seen some videos on you tube but the only cloth tape vid I found was on drops with no brakes, and I will have an old school drop bar ... Read More »

Are there any bull horn or TT base bars that you ...

use STI/Egro levers with? I guess I can cut the drops of a standard bar.Read More »

Converting Drop Down To Bull Horn

Can anyone tell me, do I need a tubing cutter or pipe cutter to cut down my drop down bars into bull horn bars? Thanks.Read More »

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