DEDA Superleggera Handlebars

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Handlebar made in HR40 carbon fiber, modern shape RHM, ready to win. A new feeling for victory. Nanotechnology resin with engineered molecolar display for a new strength.

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Vintage Bianchi SuperLeggera Restoration Post 3 of 3 Picture Heavy

...and Finally... Built, ready to ride: [URL=][IMG] ... Read More »

Vintage Bianchi SuperLeggera Restoration Post 2 of 3 PICTURE HEAVY

...continued... Some filling of pantographing: [URL=][IMG] ... Read More »

Vintage Bianchi SuperLeggera restoration post 1 of 3. Super picture heavy!!

Well, was busy again. I traded off the Concorde cross frame I did for this awesome old Bianchi SuperLeggera from the mid 1980's. I contacted Greg at Cyclomondo again for the same decals that were on it, and then decided after picking up last month's Cycle Sport Magazine to switch directions an ... Read More »

Assos SuperLeggera Lady Short Sleeve Question

I'm thinking of buying this jersey for my girl and wanted to ask the ladies here. Does one wear a bra underneath this short sleeve jersey? [url=,19,25&prod=418&var=563]nS.superLeggera Lady - ASSOS of Switzerland[/url] I'm thinking no. Th ... Read More »

CentoUno Superleggera...

Hi All, Just wanted to share my new toy, I just got it yesterday and can't wait to ride it . [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG] ... Read More »

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