Easton EC90 Aero Handlebars

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A highly contoured, ergonomic version of the EC90 SLX3 bar, the EC90 features anatomic sculpted wing top sections for all-day comfort. It uses the same TaperWall? and CNT? composite technology as the EC90 for world-beating performance and o...

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EC90 Aero Tubular year approximation?

Hello guys, What would be the approximate year of these wheels based on the stickers and characteristics? They have the smaller font for EC90 Aero, versus some wheelsets with fonts as big as Easton. 2013ish? [ATTACH=CONFIG]300155[/ATTACH] ThanksRead More »

Easton ec90 aero is really quiet.

I have a 56mm Easton ec90 aero wheelset, not the new 55mm with fantom wheel shape. Mine is a tubular version, and I was wondering why my wheels do not make the whooshing sound carbon wheels should make. My wheels are structural and not a fairing over a alloy wheel. I sprinted 36 and it still does no ... Read More »

Easton EC90 Aero 55 Clinchers?

Has anyone tried the Easton EC90 Aero 55 Clincher wheelset yet? How well do they work tubeless? Are there any issues with sealant damaging the rims?Read More »

opnions on "EASTON EC90 AERO for strong heavy cyclist -HELP!

Im needing advice on a wheelset!! Easton EC90 Aero clincher. Im a pretty big guy 6,3 265ish very strong watt pumping legs!! I see there is no listed weight limit. im scared the 20 spoke rear wheel may run into issues down the road. This is suppose to be a pretty stout wheelset and cyclecross cap ... Read More »

Please help me choose between Reynolds Forty-Six and Easton EC90 Aero..

Hey, I'm looking at getting a new set of wheels and I can't decide between these 2. I've narrowed it down over the past week and I am only considering these 2 wheelsets. Please don't recommend any other sets as I've considered everything else already and have finally narrowed it down.. The di ... Read More »

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