Enve Composites SES Handlebars

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Product Description

The SES Aero Road Bar's minimal frontal area and multiple hand positions are perfect for the rider looking to optimize their aero efficiency and position on the bike. Ride feel and handling are tuned to meet the high performance demands of road and ITU triathlon racing.

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Enve SES 3.4 clinchers or SES 6.7 clinchers?

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and look forward to hearing your thoughts. I ride mostly the flats of South Florida but travel to do hill training. Any thoughts on which wheel set would be better: Enve SES 3.4 clinchers or SES 6.7 clinchers? Thanks!Read More »

November 52 rear for SES 3.4 front?

Looking for opinions on this combo, knowing that Enve says the 3.4 f/r is designed to work together. I live in a gusty, windy locale so having options is good.Read More »

Enve SES 3.4 or 6.7 for a non-lightweight

Pretty much set on getting one of these wheelsets, maybe even adding a powertap at the sametime... Was set on 3.4 but after reading more and more it has got me thinking about 6.7. 150+ gram weight penalty is not going to kill me. Hell with 6.7s and a G3 hub, I'd be pretty were I am now with Mavic ES ... Read More »

Enve SES 3.4 Tubulars with which hubs...

Hey guys and wheel "experts"... I am about to order a set of Enve 3.4 Tubulars. I was set on CK R45s b/c I have used them before on a custom built set of aluminum clinchers. No issues throughout ownership thus far. But, then one of the guys at the shop made a comment about why not go with the DT ... Read More »

Training on Enve SES 6.7 clinchers: thoughts on the CC debate

Hi there, Im pretty keen on buying a set of Enve SES 6.7's with a powertap but am slightly concerned about some pragmatic issues: These wheels costs about $3300 from cycle power meters - they are expensive! I dont believe on spending all that money for a wheel Im only going to use once a fort ... Read More »

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