FSA Wing Compact Handlebars

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FSA Wing Compact handlebar The FSA (Full Speed Ahead) Wing Compact Drop Handlebars features full alloy construction and a traditional round bend.  This is a handlebar for those seeking a performance fit and construction at value pr...

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Any FSA Wing Pro Compact sales?

I am looking to try a new set of bars. I have a 2012 Fuji Gran Fondo that came with Oval 300s bars and I dont mind them but I am looking for a flat top bar. I cant find much info as even to know what size they currently are but I was going to go with 44cm being I am riding a 56 size bike. please tel ... Read More »

Opinions: FSA K-Wing Compact vs. Zipp Contour SL

I'm in the processing of updating my Merlin Extralight (just upgraded to a Enve 1.0 fork + Campognola record seatpost), and am looking for opinions on the following two handlerbars: [LIST] [*]FSA K-Wing Compact [*]Zipp Contour SL [/LIST] Criteria: [LIST] [*]Reliability [*]Comfort [*]"Buil ... Read More »

FSA K wing compact ...

Ok ... anyone who's owned one, please fill me in. I need to know if their measurement on the width of the bar is dead on. I'm looking for a 42cm c-c, I've got one of their alu bars supposedly 42 c-c, but actual measurement was more like 40 c-c.Read More »

FSA Wing Pro Compact Aluminum handlebars?

Does anyone use these or has anyone tried them? I'm looking for some new handlebars. They make a white one and an alloy one that's black. I know that handlebars are a personal preference, but I don't have the ability to try a bunch since there's only two bike stores in the area. Carbon seems cra ... Read More »

FSA K-wing Compact Carbon Handle bar for $117.

Black handle bar, 44 cm only. I thought it's a pretty good deal! :thumbsup: [url=http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=36073&PartnerID=8284]FSA K-Wing Anatomic Compact Road Bar | Buy Online | ChainReactionCycles.com[/url]Read More »

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