Hed Designs GTO Handlebars

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Sprinting, climbing, or just rolling along in the pack the GTO bar stem combo provides everything you need, ergonomics, stiffness, strength, and lightweight. The innovative ergonomic set up of the GTO is specifically designed around the modern shifter/brake levers. They allow a proper arrangement while in the shifter grip while also allowing you to reach the shifters and brake lever while in the drop.

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Pontiac GTO drivers. Rant

In the past few months I have had the (mis)fortune of having seen about 6 Pontiac GTOs on the streets. And EVERY single one has had an absolute A-hole behind the wheel. All the AMG, M-class, Corvette, SVT, Audi S-series and various other fast car drivers have never been as bad as these guys. Every s ... Read More »

Lance's GTO stolen

Don't know if this has already been here but thought it was sort of neat. Apparently the GTO that Sheryl Crow bought Lance was stolen. [URL=http://www.sltrib.com/healthscience/ci_2419899]Here is a link to the story.[/URL] [I]Disclaimer - Apologize in advance if this has already been post ... Read More »

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