ITM Saturn Handlebars

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Product Description

Full carbon monocoque HB for TT™'s with perfect aerodynamic riding position. Arm rest supports adjustable in width position. Sweat proof arm rest pads in anti-slip special material. Internally run brake cables. Carbon fibre handlebar extensions with internally run shifter cable. Ends extensions adjustable and available in two types: flat and bend.

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Quarq CinQo Saturn with Praxis rings

I just purchased a Quarq CinQo Saturn power meter and would like to use my compact Praxis rings with it. I understand some Quarq's have to be recalibrated when using aftermarket rings. Is there a way I can tell if I will need to have mine recalibrated?Read More »

Moon photobombs Saturn

Happened just the other day. [url][/url] :cool:Read More »

Need help!! Quarq CinQo Saturn Rotor 3D vs PowerTap

I need help and need to make a decision by Monday. A buddy just purchased the Quarq CinQo Saturn Rotor 3D but after he got it he realized that it won't fit his bike's BB (Cervelo) and has offered to sell it to me brand new for $1,150. I just bought a PowerTap G3 Alloy wheelset, which I can still ... Read More »

Another auto casualty: Bye bye Saturn

[B]G.M. to Close Saturn After Penske Pulls Out of Deal [/B] Published: September 30, 2009 DETROIT — General Motors said Wednesday that it now planned to close its Saturn brand after the Penske Automotive Group abruptly called off an agreement to acquire the division. [url]http://www. ... Read More »

Saturn snagged up by Penske

I own two Saturns and, overall, have been very happy with them. I had planned on buying another when the time came so I can say that I'm happy to hear this story. [I]Detroit businessman Roger Penske's move to acquire General Motors' troubled Saturn brand and dealer network could be pioneering -- t ... Read More »

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