Modolo Venus Handlebars

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Five-stars comfort introduced in 1998: higher raise for "Gran Fondo" allowes a very comfortable rest-giving position, that is extremely appreciated especially in the long distance races and a very short shape "Venus" than decrease to 12 mm. the brake-leve

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Transit of Venus

Who's watching?? terryb? other amateur astronomers? Post pix, m'kay? I am stuck in Northern PA under an ugly cloudy sky. How do you people live like this???Read More »

Solar Eclipse + Venus or Mercury?

So we were looking at the eclipse last night (with special glasses of course). We were also using binoculars and I'm wondering if the dark spot near 12 o'clock was Venus or Mercury. I thought it was a sun spot at first but it never went away as a sun spot would.Read More »

Another tubeless question/Sun Venus w/Conti Cyclocross race

Title says it all...anyone tried this exact combination and if not what is your luck setting up the Conti tires tubeless?Read More »

Mars & Venus go to the polls

According to [URL=""]new polling data[/URL]: [INDENT][I]Men say they will vote for the Republican candidate rather than the Democratic candidate in their districts by a margin of 45 percent to 32 percent. The numbers are nearly reversed for ... Read More »

Venus Williams and her Coochie-momma dress?

I usually never mind a little extra skin, but c'mon. Her dress kept riding up after every point, I wanted to ask "yo, how much for a lap dance?"Read More »

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