Oval Concepts 310 Handlebars

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Product Description

Oval 310 Ergo Road Handlebars 6061 double butted aluminum. Compact 133mm drop. 83mm reach. 4 degree sweep back on top hand position. 10mm bump out to keep hands in line with center axis of stem. Weight: 288g.

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Is this Miyata 310 worth it? Help, I know nothing of vintage steel road bikes...

Hey all, I'm looking for a nice steel road bike to ride around my college campus and for commuting around the city. I want it to be cheap, but since I'm spoiled with relatively high end carbon road, CX, and MTBs I don't want it to be a hi-tensile, straight gauge rock. I recently found this Miyat ... Read More »

Lost my Garmin 310... Now what?

Well, I did it- I left the Garmin on the roof of the car. :mad2: I've got a lot of stuff to go with it: two cadence sensors, a brand new USB stick, foot pod for running. However, I'm not sure I want another 310. If I had a dedicated running watch and a dedicated bike computer, it seems it would ... Read More »

garmin 310 xt

if i want to measure cadence with the garmin 310, do i need a cadence sensor? i am looking to buy one, but have never really used any type of computer. i will take a cycling class and get some info that i never used before. i know that you can use the 310 on more than one bike, but do i need ... Read More »

Shimano R-310 Durability

Just wanted to check in with any others who may be experiencing some durability problems with this shoe. I've had this shoe now for about four months, and have put nearly 2,000 miles on them. The right shoe, the one I click out from the pedal at stop lights, is starting to show wear right through ... Read More »

How can i paint my Shimano R-310

OKay so i have the shimano R-310 cycling shoes and i am sort of sick of the color and i just want them to look different. So i was wondering if there is any way i could use some sort of paint to paint over them.... Would paint marker stay on the smooth surface of the shoe? And if not, what do you th ... Read More »

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