Oval Concepts 710 Handlebars

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Oval 710 Ergo Road Handlebars 7050 triple butted aluminium. Compact 133mm drop. 83mm reach. 4 degree sweep back on top hand position. 10mm bump out to keep hands in line with center axis of stem. Weight: 265g.

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Help with 1970's Trek 710?

Hello all! As mentioned in my previous thread, I used to have a Trek Elance 400 frame, but I have sold it since it was a bit too big for me. Since then, I have come across another frame, a blue Trek from the 1970s. I am having trouble identifying it. The serial number is [B]H2C7A10[/B], making th ... Read More »

1981 Trek 710

Hello everyone. I've been lurking round these parts for a while using the info for my Trek 330 commuter bike [IMG]http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7077/7166588388_64f5e347e9_z.jpg[/IMG] this is how i've got my 330 set up right now. but the time has come to upgrade to a nicer bike. I want to get int ... Read More »

1980 Trek 710 - Help!

Have a 1980 Trek 710. Where do you get decals for it? I would really rather not go with vinyl, but can't seem to find anything else. Please, any help is greatly appreciated.Read More »

'86 Miyata 710

I'm trying to find out approximately what this bike might be worth- I'd estimate it as being ~ 8.5/10, condition wise.....Read More »

Miyata 710

Anyone have any experience with one of these? I have the opportunity to buy it for about $100. Note it is not the actual bike in the picture, but it is the same vintage/color. Any idea what year it is? Is it made of gas pipe or something decent? If I acquire, I will either make it a single spee ... Read More »

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