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Need bike fitting advice for handlebars/upper body !!

I just recently purchased a Trek Domane 2.1 and am digging it. I have not ridden seriuosly in a number of years, and after 6 weeks back on the bike, I've started having a lot of shoulder stiffness in upper mid-back ( I am 47 and in decent shape). I had a one time professional fit which helped a lo ... Read More »

FSA K wing handlebars

From pictures, the K-wing handlebars flare from the attachment point on the stem. My question: does the flare act similarly to MTB riser bars, effectively shortening the cockpit? Or, do they flare out away from the rider, effectively lengthening the cockpit? Can't tell from pictures. Thanks.Read More »

Aerobars won't fit bike, handlebars too thick!

Hello all, I'm new here! I brought these aerobars [url]http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B000X428CG/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?qid=1372414773&sr=8-5&pi=SL75[/url] for my boardman comp pro hybrid bike just to use recreationally, i didnt want to spend the earth hence the cheap cost. But unfortunately my han ... Read More »

Raising handlebars, what to do?

First, I am a brand newb. I find I am MUCH more comfortable (wrists, hands, and back) if I sit up straighter but cannot really reach the bars this way, only with my fingertips. This equates to about 2-2.5 inches. I have looked at some options for doing this, but I cannot figure out the pros/cons ... Read More »

Mafac brake levers removal from tandem handlebars

The right Mafac lever controls both rear and front cantilever brakes. The twin cables [ATTACH=CONFIG]282775[/ATTACH] prevent access to the nut clamping the lever to the bars and neither cable [ATTACH=CONFIG]282774[/ATTACH] can be pushed in to slide the end cable stop (if there is one) loose an ... Read More »

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