Ritchey Logic Pro Handlebars

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Deep single groove for single or double cables. Measured center to center

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Ritchey Logic Pro carbon 31.6 x300 seatpost $34.98 before shipping

[url=http://www.blueskycycling.com/product6731_47_-Ritchey_Logic_Pro_Carbon_Seatpost.htm]BlueSkyCycling.com - Ritchey Logic Pro Carbon Seatpost[/url]Read More »

Pro Logic bar bend

My cyclocross bike, a 09 Masi CXR, came with Ritchey Pro Logic bars. I really like the bend of them but can't find any info on the reach and drop. I want that bend on my road bike. Can anybody help me out here? For my road bike I'd likely WCS line.Read More »

Pro Bike Rider Logic

Continueing in the vain of Armstrong, etc. in responding to the oft asked question of "have you ever doped?" with "I've never tested postive." We now have this from Valverde in response to a question about his involvement in Puerto. "I am tranquil," Valverde told journalists. "I know that I do ... Read More »

Al handlebars: Ouzo Pro Road, Ritchey WCS logic, Deda 215

I know the key thing in bars in personal fit. I'm considering these three aluminum bars in 31.8, all pretty close in reach, drop. Any experiences with them, and particularly any experiences with multiple models? I'm interested in observations about quality, stiffness, value... Thinking if I fi ... Read More »

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