Soma Fabrications Portola Handlebars

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Nice option to try for adventure touring, trail riding or commuting. 112mm drop. 65mm reach. Grips have a slight flare.

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Fast group ride in portola valley on Wednesdays

I saw a fast group in Portola Valley around 6 PM on a Wednesday. I was wondering if anyone knows what this ride is. Thanks in advance.Read More »

Bike tickets today in Portola Valley for not riding single file

pass it on... The police are out in force in the Woodside area --------- FYI, Three of us on Dave Stahl's ride this morning got tix somewhere near Windy Hill park for not riding in sigle file. At least 7 moto officers were having lunch at the Woodside Bakery around 12:30pm, so they probably mis ... Read More »

Portola Valley => Ocean ride July 4th weekend?

Anyone up for a longish ride from Portola Valley to the ocean and back around July 4th weekend? Route, day, time, distance (allow over 70 miles desired) etc. is open. Pace - just below a typical ukbloke ride.Read More »

Watch out in Portola Valley/Woodside/Menlo Park...

... for a very large, late-model, white Dodge 4x4 pick-up truck. I was coming back from my ride this past Sunday on Portola Road heading towards Alpine when this s*#@-for-brains in a white Dodge 4x4 pulls up near me and then stomps on the gas, spewing out a cloud of black diesel smoke in my face. ... Read More »

mountain lion sighting in portola valley

what's this I hear on the news about a mountain lion sighting around Portola Valley/Woodside. I haven't ridden there since Sunday. Just wondering what the riding scene is there now.Read More »

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