Syntace USA SLS Handlebars

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Product Description

Syntace SLS Aerobar: The world?s lightest aerobar featuring bio-mechanically superior, shock absorbing armrests (Syntace patent). Through continuous refinement, the weight has been reduced to 338g (size M) and performance has been...

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Wheel Upgrade: Ksryium Elite, Carbone SLS, something else?

Been riding some Aksiums for a couple of seasons and finally want to do a wheel upgrade that nets at least some tangible results given the budget. Not expecting a world of change, of course. Because this will be a one-time purchase that I hope to last for many years and ride on every day, the bullet ... Read More »

Strange sound from cosmic carbone SLS

New wheels. Makes strange sound, like metal grinding almost, when making sharp turns or when pedalling hard. When pedalling hard it only makes the sound when the bike is tilted sideways like in a hard sprint when it goes back and forth. Highly unlikely to be related to the bike because this does ... Read More »

Mavic Ksyrium SLS Wheels

I have a set of SLS wheels from 2012 with about 3,000 miles on them. I have, in the last 1,000 miles, broken 2 spokes - one front and one rear. I thought these wheels were supposed to be pretty solid on this respect? Both broken right at the spoke nipple. Curious if anyone has had an experience ... Read More »

williams 19s or mavic kryserium sls

ready for a new set of wheels and would love some input. thinking Williams 19s (around $700 w tires/tax/shipping) or mavic SLS (around $1150). weigh around 1350 and 1395 respectively but don't have a good sense of strengths/weaknesses of the two options. would consider spending more like the mav ... Read More »

MAVIC Ksyrium SLR or SLS?

I am purchasing a women's Cannondale DI2 EVO. I have been riding with the older Ksyrium SL wheels on my current bike and love them. I thought that I would "up" the wheels this time by going to the SLR wheelset. The SLRs are actually heavier than the SLS wheelset so what is the advantage? I know the ... Read More »

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