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Torelli Bormio Bar

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Cycling Vacation in italy - Como and Bormio - need advice!

I'm trying to plan a short trip to Italy to celebrate an anniversary. Of course it has to involve cycling, and here's the plan I've come up with: fly to Milan (MPX), spend a small fortune on a car service to Lake Como. Drop some more $$ and rent bikes and hire a guide from [url=http://www.bicy ... Read More »

Torelli Bormio, any info?

Anybody have experience or know something about the Torelli Bormio stem?Read More »

Torelli Bormio Wheels

Torelli Bormio Wheels [url][/url] Any riding impressions? They seem like a decent set of $400. wheels.Read More »

Easton Circuits Or Torelli Bormio's??

had great luck with my velomax circuits that came on my douglas about 6 years ago; just wanted to put something new on my CADD8 cannondale frame (swapped all parts from the douglas over to it). anyway, was going to just get the eastons since they were incredibly good to me but after a visit to the l ... Read More »

Places to stay in Bormio, Italy

A few of us have been granted a pass from our spouses for a cycling trip to Italy. We are planning to ride some of the big climbs such as the Stelivio, Gavia, etc. Anyone have recommendations on places to stay? We were thinking of Bormio, but of course are open to other suggestions. Thanks!Read More »

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