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Velo Orange Tourist Handlebars

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Greetings from Milan / one day tourist advice

Here on business so my days and most nights are booked. But I'm staying Saturday to be a tourist. What should I see, do etc? Go.Read More »

Most over-rated tourist attraction you have seen....

Mine has go to be the Mannekin Pis sculpture in Brussels/Bruxelles. After wandering around and getting lost we finally stumbled onto it--it is about 18" high and not that well done. World famous in Brussels... [ATTACH=CONFIG]283017[/ATTACH] (Posted in response to 99CL's comment about the ... Read More »

Tourist NNCing in Bogota Colombia

I have traveled to Bogota a couple of times for work in the last six months - the last time I stayed an extra day to take a bike tour. I took some pictures with the lownje in mind. Enjoy. The tour starts here - [ATTACH=CONFIG]276398[/ATTACH] And this is my crappy bike for the day [ATTACH=CO ... Read More »

Memorial Day weekend in a tourist town. .

Sucks. Too many out of towners to even consider riding on the narrow back roads of where I live. This is the one weekend I sit it out for fear of becoming a hood ornament.:(Read More »

Columbia Tourist? Thoughts?

So I found an old Columbia Tourist for sale locally. Guy wants $10 for it. $10 for any bike is a good deal in my opinion so I'm gonna buy it. But does anyone know anything about these bikes? It's a cruiser (perfect for tooling with the kids)...bright yellow...3 speed. Just looking for any in ... Read More »

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