XLC Bullhorn Handlebars

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The XLC "Bullhorn" bar is made using a Double butted method. Double butted is a processing method during which the aluminium tube is conified, in order to obtain a lower weight for the same rigidity level. This procedure renders the tube endings, where the strongest interaction is at work, stronger and consequently more stable. In the middle of the tube, where the interaction is weaker, this system saves weight.

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Bullhorn bar picture thread.

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Replacing Drop Bar with Bullhorn

Hi Everyone- I'm a nooB, looking to buy a simple SS for commuting and weekend riding. I found something in my price range on Amazon, which is a SS Vilano. I was thinking of replacing the drop bars with a bull horn setup, but wanted to know if these brakes can be transferred? I really have no i ... Read More »

BullHorn End Bar Size

Hey there, I want to buy this Cinelli Mash Bullhorn, but I have a set of Specialized Top Mount Brake Levers 31.8 Do you think I can fit those levers on that bar? I know it says they are 31.8, but is that at measurement size (a)? and also (b)? So 31.8 is the measurement at (a) in the middl ... Read More »


I just got a silver Origin 8, 26.0 42cm bar and the tektro reverse levers wont fit the ends. The inside ends are 18.5 and 18.4mm. the tektro levers measure 18.8mm. Can someone recomend some cheap bullhorns that work with reverse levers? ThanksRead More »

wrapping bullhorn bars

Just got a set of bullhorn bars + a TT-style brake lever for my fixie. I have a question about wrapping the bars w/handlebar tape. Can you wrap the bars just like normal (starting from the outside and working towards the stem) and still be able to fit the TT brake lever in the end of the bar like ... Read More »

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