Zipp Speed Weaponry Contour SL Handlebars

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Product Description

Zipp Contour SL Road Bar: Comfort, ergonomics, stiffness and aerodynamics are the essential elements we've balanced in the Contour SL, and every millimeter of the shape is designed for all-day comfort and performance...

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Opinions: FSA K-Wing Compact vs. Zipp Contour SL

I'm in the processing of updating my Merlin Extralight (just upgraded to a Enve 1.0 fork + Campognola record seatpost), and am looking for opinions on the following two handlerbars: [LIST] [*]FSA K-Wing Compact [*]Zipp Contour SL [/LIST] Criteria: [LIST] [*]Reliability [*]Comfort [*]"Buil ... Read More »

Difference between Zipp Contour SL Shallow Carbon 2011 and 2011

I'm looking to buy a Zipp Contour SL Shallow bar but I've seen two versions, a 2010 and a 2011 one. The only difference I can spot is that the 2010 bar has 'Contour' written in red and the 2011 has it in white. Do you guys know if there's been a change in design other than a bit of color?Read More »

Zipp bars: SL vs. SLC2 vs. Contour ?

Curious if anyone has any experience comparing any 2 of the above bars to each other? For one, I wonder whether the SL and SLC2 have exactly the same shape or not? I suspect the top bar is stays wider diameter further away from the stem on the SLC2, but am not sure. I could care less about mount ... Read More »

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