Zipp Speed Weaponry Handlebar Tape Handlebars

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Wrap your bars in Zipp Speed Weaponry's synthetic cork Handlebar Tape before tapping the included carbon fiber bar end plugs into the end holes. Sure grip and padded comfort accompany the snazzy style of Zipp Speed Weaponry.

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Handlebar Tape

I'm shopping for handlebar tape, and am comparing Fizik Performance and Lizard Skins 2,5mm tape. Any thoughts or opinions/preferences? The Lizard Skins are fairly expensive, and I don't know if they're worth the extra cash. I have a Fizik saddle and road shoes, and am sold on both.Read More »

Orange handlebar tape

Dumb request, but interested to see pictures of bikes sporting orange tape on an orange frame. I have a 2011 Salsa Vaya and trying to get an idea of what that would look like. Thanks for your time, KevinRead More »

Wrapping cables underneath handlebar tape

At the 3:20 mark in this video of Contador's mechanic building up the bike, it's interesting how the mechanic wraps electrical tape over the [U]entire[/U] bar & bare cables. Anyone else done it that way, and why did you prefer it? I've usually just taped down the cables in 3-4 spots, then wrapped ... Read More »

what handlebar tape is this ?

At 3:00 of this video, what brand of bar tape is that ? Looked pretty solid and nice [url][/url]Read More »

Campy Ultrashift Lever Handlebar Tape Routing...

Thought I would query the Campy contingent on how they route their handlebar tape just behind the top of the Ultrashift shifter body under the hood boot. Please see pic below. What I do is bring the bar tape up from below and shingle just the rear edge of the shifter body where the cable housing ... Read More »

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