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Miche Primato

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Titanio over Neo Primato?

Like most of you here on this forum, I am a huge fan of De Rosa. But unlike many of, I have yet to own one. :cryin::cryin::mad2::mad2: I've always lusted after a Neo Primato or Primato EL OS. It's been my number one target for some time now. But every time, I've been sidetracked and ended up gett ... Read More »

De Rosa neo primato what color molteni or faema

[ATTACH=CONFIG]281606[/ATTACH] I'm a bit puzzled after reading here about Merckx and faema colors. I'm looking at a DeRosa newly made neo primato frame set. It's the colors i have to decide. I like it in the molteni orange with the blue down tube panel which was as far as i understand us ... Read More »

1999 Neo Primato

Since most forums are dead this time of year, I thought I'd kill some time posting a few pics of my new-to-me Neo Primato. It's 59cm ctc, with Campagnolo 10 speed. I have a NOS steel fork from another Neo being chromed right now, but it will be a few weeks before it's done. [ATTACH=CONFIG]276159[ ... Read More »

OK, this time a POLL on the De Rosa Neo Primato Faema

Sorry for another thread on this subject but when I started the first post on this topic, there wasn't an option for a poll. For some reason, it just wasn't there. And when I edit to try to add a poll, there isn't an option. So I am linking the previous thread (and vice-versa) to this one which i ... Read More »

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