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Shimano Pro Saddles

I am trying to get rid of numbness when climbing or during extended rides. It happens in my man area. I currently ride a Specialized Romin Evo. I have tried multiple rides tilting the saddle in 1 degree increments...but to no avail. It seems either the front of the saddle hits my nuts if tilted t ... Read More »

Wrecking Saddles

Somehow, I've managed to wreck a number of saddles by rubbing the nose off. This is my latest achievement (Prologo C.one50). This instance is worse than the previous times this has happened, and the fact that it's on both sides suggests that there isn't an easy positional fix. Does anyone have any t ... Read More »

saddles for fixed gear bike

Here is series saddles for fixed gear bike. Hope you like them. All good design, beautiful outlook,best price. There are so many types of saddles for single speed bike/ fixed gear bike. Hope to show to everyone. Lucy luckystarbike.com [ATTACH=CONFIG]283595[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]283596[/ATTACH][ATT ... Read More »

Are flat saddles really not ergonomically correct?

So, I've been on a quest to find the best saddle for my buns. I'm currently trying out Romin Evo 155mm, and it's pretty good, but I'm interested in testing out flatter saddles like Fizik Antares or San Marco Regale. I've been reading and researching a lot on saddles lately, and Selle SMP and Speci ... Read More »

Road bike saddles, what do I look for

What do you know about aftermarket road bike saddles. What's a good long ride saddle. Does anyone know anything about Adamo Saddles? What should I look for in a saddle.Read More »

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WTB Deva 5
1 Reviews
$ 150.00
WTB Devo 4.33
3 Reviews
$ 180.00

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