Azonic Overdose Saddles

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The Azonic Overdose saddle features a stout design that provides for better rear wheel clearance Extra thick padding adds comfort for those big drop landings Features 9mm oversized chromoly rails Kevlar174 sides Weight 425g.

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overdose on potassium???

been struggling with cramps for the last 2 months. Never had this problem in the past so maybe my diet has gone downhill, maybe Im just older. Anyway I have to make some changes and I know my diet is poor from a fruits & veggie standpoint. Ive always been more in expensive supplements and sports ... Read More »

Viagra Overdose?

Was he on his was back from a child sex vacation in the North Marianas with Tom DeLay?Read More »

Sausage overdose.

I ate leberwurst sandwiches, a gelderland sausage sandwich and some chorizo sandwiches today. To top that, being too lazy to cook a proper meal, fried up some merguez sausages from the Morrocan butcher's and ate them on pide along with some rocket. Merguez pwnz my face, belly, arteries and arse. ... Read More »

iron overdose in adults?

Scenario: Took my iron supplement early this morning. Ate half a bagel, coffee. Ate a bit around 1pm; took a multi-vitamin around 3:15pm. Mild headache all day. Snacked on a bit of candy and iced tea. Took 2nd supplement around 7:30. Headache intensified. No longer wanted to make dinner pl ... Read More »

Ike Turner died from a cocaine overdose.

He was 76 years old. If you're still doing coke at 76, I'm thinking that you've definitely burned up your nine lives and then some. Cripes, people who live a healthy life die younger than that. Is there some sort of "dog years" formula that can be used to calculate his real age? For example, ... Read More »

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