Azonic Pinned Saddles

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The Azonic Pinned saddle features a stout design that provides for better rear wheel clearance. Extra thick padding adds comfort for those big drop landings Features 9mm oversized chromoly rails Kevlar174 sides Weight 425g.

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Pinned vs Welded rims

I'm shopping for a second set of wheels for my road bike. Of all the components on a bike, wheels are something I've never paid much attention to; I just ride what the bike came with. Consequently, the advice I'm getting from the LBSs is a bit confusing. I'm running Velocity Dyads, the same rims ... Read More »

Ramped and pinned chainrings: more friction?

Was curious about this. Basic rundown if anyone needs to know: -Hybrid with a Deore crankset. -Use only one chainring, and removed the other two and front derailluer. Shifting through all 8 cogs is done with ease. -I'm [B]not[/B] really into getting a single speed or downhill chainring as the ... Read More »

Ramped and pinned chainrings???

As I get closer to changing out my big ring for a 48t, I realized that although I keep reading about chain rings being ramped and pinned, I have no idea what the hell that means... So, what does a ring being pinned and ramped mean? Is it necessary and do all replacements rings come that way (sto ... Read More »

Shifting Performance Using Non-Pinned/Ramped Rings

Can anyone comment on what the shifting performance is like using non-pinned/ramped rings. I need to get a new set of rings for my triple. The Sugino non-pinned/ramped rings are a lot cheaper than the ramped and pinned. I'm fine if the shifts aren't as fast, but not if it's going to result in dro ... Read More »

Ramped / Pinned Chainrings Question

I have a Dura Ace 7700 53/39 double crankset. I'd like to swap the original 39 tooth for a 38 tooth Salsa ring to get a little more spin on the steeper hills. The Salsa ring does not have any ramps/pins etc. It is a generic chainring. They are both 5 bolt, 130 BCD so physical fit should be fine. Fro ... Read More »

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