BikeHard Challenger Saddles

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BikeHard Challenger Carbon Saddle is the perfect option for anyone needing a superlight saddle. Weighing in at a scant 145 grams, the Challenger features a full carbon fiber rail system and an ultra low profile, ensuring millimeter-perfect handling capabi

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Enve SES 3.4 vs Bikehard Challenger 46

Interesting little comparison with Enve's $3045 carbon clinchers and Bikehard's $1600 cc. I didn't know the bikehard's were built in the states, as the article mentions. [url= ... Read More »

Lotus Challenger SX worth $75 bucks?

Here is a link to its specs: [url][/url] Basically Shimano Z-series 12-speed group, Tange 900/1000 Double Butted Chrome Moly frame. I'm an avid mountain biker looking for an 80s road bike. The fit is correct, 12 speeds is ple ... Read More »

Challenger video surfaces

Exclusive New Video: The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Read More »

Can haz house? A new challenger!

You may recall that I'm in the process of buying a house. I'd previously made an offer on a cool old Victorian, but, the spanner in the works was that it's a short sale. This means the bank holds all the cards... and keeps holding them, and holding them. We gave 'em six weeks, and not a peep le ... Read More »

Challenger Astronauts

I'm watching the Discovery channel's "When We Left Earth". it's talking about the shuttle missions. When they got to the Challenger, the crew were able to activate some life support stuff at the initial explosion, then as the debris floated up to 68,000 feet they lost consiousness due to the lack of ... Read More »

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