Cannondale Bad Boy Saddles

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Cannondale Bad Boy Saddle. One look at the tone-on-tone graphics, and you realize that this is no ordinary roadie saddle. The Bad Boy is crafted to have one of the lowest profiles in the category. Ergonomic and comfortable, the Bad Boy is perfect for your

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Cannondale Bad Boy 1?

I will soon be purchasing a bike, which I will use to commute to and from school and perhaps to run some errands, though not much, and I was recently looking at the Cannondale Bad Boy. Does anyone know much, or anything, about it? Pros and cons? Does anyone who actually has one provide some informat ... Read More »

Thnking of getting a Bad boy

I need your inputs please, I am thinking of purchasing a 2013 Bad Boy 9 and thinking of upgrading the drivetrain. Any suggestions for a crankset upgrade..... Thanks in advance.Read More »

Making your own Bad Boy from an F600

I'm thinking about making my own badboy from a F600 MTB. Some questions I have: Do I just need to get a set of road disc wheels that are 135mm spaced? Do the rotor size have to be the same as the one on the MTB? Does it matter that the C-dale rotors are 4 bolt pattern and most rotors are 6 bo ... Read More »

Hybrid to full road - Cannondale Bad Boy 9

Hi all, I'm a noob. I bought this bike to learn bike mechanics, and to have something a little unique at the end. I've been reading for 2 days solid and I'm left with a few concerns I can't seem to find the answers for, hopefully someone with some experience can help me please? I understand I ... Read More »

New tires for a Cannondale Bad boy 9

I have a 2013 BB9 and want to upgrade to a better tire been looking at the Maxxis Hookworms, the Hollyrollers the Gatorskin Hardshells or theGP 4000s. I want a fast tire with puncture resistance any recommendations appreciated.Read More »

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