Charge Bikes Pan Saddles

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Put Charge's popular Spoon and Bucket models together and you get the Pan. It's lower profile and lighter than the Bucket, but plusher than the Spoon. Designed to eat up the miles. Features a cutaway pressure relief chann...

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So I need some advice/help/frying pan to head etc etc

I've gotten into a slump recently, or whatever you wanna call it - losing my mojo, confidence, just not being bothered.... It's not about life. It's more about, well, girls. Simple background - ok so there's this one girl who's a really good friend whom I'm crazy about but that's another ... Read More »

Lance Armstrong riding in this years Pan Mass Challenge

I hope he doesn't draft off me too much. :D Lance Armstrong to ride in Pan-Mass Challenge E-mail this article To: Invalid email address Add a personal message: Your e-mail: Invalid email address Sending your articleYour article has been sent. E-mail| Print | Comments (3) July 27, 201 ... Read More »

NEED HELP!..pan mas challenge bike

hi guys, I know nothing about biking and have never done more than 30 miles in one day. I do not own a bike and signed up for the pan mass challenge (180 miles in 2 days) benefit for cancer. I need help! Any suggestions for a bike that will be light, heard carbon? and will not make my ba ... Read More »

Hay Soos is in yr Pizza pan!

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Pan fried nuts.

In response to rumors that Thor has a buyout clause in his Garmin contract if he wins a world championship, Vaughters replied - "All the rumors about Thor are pretty entertaining. His contract was filed with the UCI on October 1st, with no buy out clause. Put more simply: I will pan fry my nuts and ... Read More »

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