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A highly-flexible, one-piece base with a super-light foam top, encased with a durable and waterproof microfibre cover.

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Stubbed toe!!!! Whats the scoop???

Hey guys I stubbed my toe today during a basketball game,... Everything I'm reading seems to indicate that this will take a WHILE to heal... But I have really been doing great with my fitness to try to drop weight waking up early to jog and ride my bike eating better.... I don't want this to set me ... Read More »

What's the scoop on Aero bars??

I'm new to road cycling, having done mostly MTB. Just bought my 1st bike and really enjoy it. Anyway, a buddy is selling his bike and gave me these: [IMG][/IMG] They're Profile Desi ... Read More »

Impec scoop & BMC Event today...

I rode out to the shop today to stop by and talk to the BMC rep about the Impec. He said that they are still catching up on production of the Impecs. Despite not being seen in the training Spain video, Impecs will be raced and that's all he could say for now it. Here are some photos of the Im ... Read More »

Ebay team kits... what's the scoop?

So... I generally don't buy team kit cycling clothes, but I really like the SKY team kits. I found some really cheap bib and jersey kits on Ebay (out of Asia), but I'm suspicious that this is not the same as the Adidas/Nalini kits being sold on World Cycling Production and ProBikeKit websites. Th ... Read More »

Scoop - Michael Jackson suffers cardiac arrest

Back to your regularly scheduled program. :rolleyes:Read More »

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