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Cobb Plus Saddles

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Product Description

Whether you?re a tri geek, roadie, TT specialist, weekend warrior or anything in between, you will love the Cobb Plus saddle. This is Cobb's best seller for both male and female riders. Designed with 10-percent firmer memory-style foam (compared to the V-Flow) to accommodate any size rider, this saddle is sure to provide you with long-lasting comfort and substantial pressure relief across any distance bike ride. Cobb's best all-around seat for road or tri use100-percent UV protection against sun damage100-percent Waterproof protection against foam rot due to sweat loss or rainRail material: CromolyCover material: Synthetic leatherType: Central cutoutDimensions: 280mm x 130mm / 11

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Endurance plus top end speed

Hello. I am looking for some training advice please. Also perhaps my question has endurance riding to racing applications. I am a endurance/weekend warrior type rider. I like to ride 200-300km brevets or Audax rides. But, during my 'season', I also like to ride in fast group rides when possi ... Read More »

H Plus Son Archetype -- offset drilling is different on my current batch of rims

I'm doing my 4th and 5th builds using the H+ Son Archetype rim. I got the first 3 sets of rims from BHS and they were drilled such that the 2nd hole to the left of the valve hole (looking down at rim in lap, H+ on the rim label facing the ground) was a DS spoke hole. The current rims (that I ... Read More »

hed Ardennes+ plus release date?

An article in 4/2013 mentioned they are coming. I asked hed& a store which said they'll get back to me but no response. ?? If they are not coming soon, I will buy from other manufacturers.Read More »

Tour Stage 18: 172.5k and 4 Climbs Plus Alpe d'Huez...TWICE

Close. The look on Contador's face when Froome went from +:10 to -:10 said many things, but the most obvious to me was, "What more can I do?" A day after the Spaniard almost Belokied coming down Gap, he went out and showed both climbing prowess and ITT form. But it wasn't enough. One thing I lo ... Read More »

Rim recommendations - Pacenti, H Plus Son etc

I've just invested some money in a pair of Chris King R45 (28F and 32R) hubs and am now trying to decide on what rims to buy. I am looking to go tubeless though this might limit the choices I have. I am looking at the Pacenti SL23, the H Plus Son Archetype (though this may not be tubeless compat ... Read More »

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