Cutter Blackbird Saddles

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Weighing in on the low end of the scale and dark like its song, the faux-ostrich microfiber Cutter Blackbird Saddle avoids radar detection with carbon rails and ultra-light padding. 159-Grams of lightweight, crotch-cradling awesomeness puts your seasoned, cracking saddle to shame, and the faux-ostrich microfiber material will have all the club-ride ladies swooning.

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Blackbird hitches a ride on a red-tailed hawk

Saw this short article of yahoo. Didn't know some birds are as smart as humans. [url=]Blackbird hitches a ride on a red-tailed hawk[/url]Read More »

Cutter Blackbird Saddle: $40, 159g, carbon rails

Was searching for a new saddle earlier for under $100 and came across the Cutter Blackbird. I've never heard of the brand before but it's listed on Compeititive Cyclist (which has unconditional lifetime returns for credit) and a few good reviews on a different website. [img]http://www.competitivec ... Read More »

Blackbird Integrated Aero Bar

Looking for feebback from anyone who has tried this areo bar. They are on eBay at item number 190222529981. [URL=""] ... Read More »

Airborne Blackbird opinions

Looking at buying a Flyte SRS 2 which is the old Airborne Blackbird. Anyone out there havany experience on either of these 2 rides? Looking for something more comfortable than my C'Dale R2000 Cadd 5Read More »

Airborne Blackbird

Has anyone else had troubles with their Airborne Blackbird? I had issues with the seat tube bosses. They will not allow the mounting of a water bottle and/or cage without coming into contact with the down tube.Read More »

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