Fizik Tundra 2 Braided Carbon Saddles

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Product Description

The original Fizik Tundra secretly made its way onto the professional racing circuit during the research and testing phases of its development -- way before an official launch -- and began winning races almost immediately. Thus, it quickly became one of Fizik's most popular XC racing saddles and a top choice among pros. In creating the Fizik Tundra 2 Saddle, Fizik's R & D department improved upon the original design, incorporating feedback from professional racers to create one of the lightest and most comfortable XC racing saddles on the market. Fizik has made three major improvements over the original Tundra, all with the aim of lowering the saddle's overall weight while increasing comfort. First, they changed the shape of the nose. It's now slightly wider and softer, a benefit you'll appreciate most when climbing in the saddle. Second, Fizik switched to low-profile padding -- the same used in the Antares road saddle -- an improvement that makes the saddle look slim and elegant while keeping it comfortable and light. Lastly, Fizik used a new cover design in which a special thermo weld process is used to bind the cover together, thus allowing them to maintain the Tundra's popular dual-color cover design while eliminating friction caused from stitching and seams. So while you'll still find the supple, durable, and water and fade resistant microtex fiber you're used to seeing on Fizik saddles, you won't see seams or surface stitching -- a major improvement in the comfort department.Staying true to its racing pedigree, the Fizik Tundra 2 Saddle also relies heavily on carbon fiber -- again for the sake of both weight and comfort. The Tundra 2's nylon shell is reinforced with carbon, making the saddle stiff (it won't flex or twist during hard pedaling), yet flexible (the reinforced fibers sag just a bit, suspending you above the rails like a hammock). The Tundra 2 also incorporates Fizik's braided carbon rails. Constructed using an innovative process in which unidirectional woven carbon fibers are inserted into a braided carbon sleeve, these rails are as strong and as durable as cold-forged alloy while producing a saddle that is 50 grams lighter than the original Tundra. And at 290mm, the Tundra 2 is also Fizik's longest mountain bike saddle. This offers multiple seating positions, a benefit you'll appreciate if?like most of us?you find yourself shifting your weight frequently according to the terrain.The Fizik Tundra 2 Saddle comes in White/anthracite/orange with an embossed Fizik 'Team Issue' logo. It measures 290mm in length and 125mm at its widest point and is compatible with the Fizik ICS system of bags and lights.

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