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ISM Adamo Road Saddles

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MSRP : $139.95

Product Description

ISM Adamo Road Saddle   ISM Adamo Road Saddles, Split nose eliminates pressure on the perineum area resulting in improved blood flow.   Patented design that eliminates the "nose" part of the traditional saddle Elimin...

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Inexpensive alternatives to the ISM Adamo road/racing saddles?

Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone is aware of inexpensive alternative to the ISM Adamo "noseless" road and racing saddles. These are the saddles that have the fully split nose. For me, these are the only ones that effectively prevent peritoneal numbness. As the ISM saddles are relatively pric ... Read More »

ISM ADAMO Road Saddle

I just wanted to share my experience with this saddle as I am a new rider who rode a regular bike seat with pain and discomfort. I adjusted my old seat every which way and every time I rode I rode with pain and had pain down there and even had pain while urniating after a ride. I was fixing to sell ... Read More »

Just bought ISM Adamo road saddle

I bought the ISM Adamo road saddle about 3 weeks ago. I probably have 400-500 miles on it. I wanted a saddle to take the pressure off my prostrate as I enter riding season and start riding more, further and more often, I have trouble in the evening hours with urination. It just doesn't want to come ... Read More »

ISM Adamo Road Saddle too wide?

Is the ISM Adamo Road Saddle too wide at the nose so when you are pedaling you feel it rubbing against the side of your legs? I am a pretty big guy with big leg muscles, I'm not skinny, so my legs are wider, I'm 6'0" 210 lbs. Do you sit on the wide part of the saddle or on the nose?Read More »

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