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ISM Sport Saddles

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MSRP : $65.00

Product Description

ISM Sport Saddles Patented, new designThat eliminatesThe "nose" part ofTheTraditional saddle Eliminates pressure onThe perineum area resulting in improved blood flow Eliminates numbness which can accompanyTraditional saddles Gel Padding Smaller Seat BaseThanTheTouring Saddle for more athletic riding Two-tone Leather Cover 175 mm long and 165 mm wide

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Peugeot Super Sport

My brothers friend purchased it, but lives in another state...(Long story). He stated that it is a bit too small for him.....so I occasionally take it out for a spin. Needs new brake lines and cables, brake pads, handlebar tape. Aside from that it rolls great. Maybe a bit heavy compared to my T ... Read More »

Which bike to buy: Nishiki Maricopa or Motobecane Mirage Sport

Hello all, I am new to biking, and i was looking to purchase a road bike for just riding around occasionally for exercise or just going to ride on trails. Im thinking i wont be putting more than 500 miles a year or at max a 1000 on the bike. Therefore, im not looking to spend more than $500. I came ... Read More »

Going to look at a Schwinn Super Sport today.

[h=2][/h][COLOR=#333333][INDENT]I recently picked up a Raleigh form CL for $125. Great mechanical condition, loved the ride. It is my first ever road bike! I actually purchased the bike for my friend for a daily commuter to replace a faulty Target bicycle. I did not realize how much I would love th ... Read More »

Going to look at a Schwinn Super Sport today.

Moved Post To Retro Thread. [url=http://forums.roadbikereview.com/retro-classic/going-look-schwinn-super-sport-today-329440-post4688729.html#post4688729]Going to look at a Schwinn Super Sport today.[/url]Read More »

My First Build: Panasonic Sport

Hi there I am new to the forums! I hope this is the correct place to post a build thread, if not mods please move. My goal is to become more familiar with road bikes, as cost effectively as possible while modernizing an old road frame- and most importantly, to learn and sharpen my skills. I purchase ... Read More »

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