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ISM Touring Saddles

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Product Description

ISM Touring Saddles Features and Information Patented, new design that eliminates the "nose" part of the traditional saddle Elimi...

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J&L Titanium Cyclocross/CX/Touring bike frame-Ti/50~60-1480g

[url=http://www.ebay.com/itm/J-L-Titanium-Cyclocross-CX-Touring-bike-frame-Ti-50-60-1480g-/290602863346?pt=US_Bicycles_Frames&hash=item43a947caf2]J L Titanium Cyclocross CX Touring Bike Frame TI 50 60 1480G | eBay[/url] Looks interesting.. understand just in the shopping/evaluation stage now.. not ... Read More »

How to Book a Limo Online for Touring San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco has plenty of things to offer to its tourists which need to be explored at one’s own pace. Moreover the top tourist spots are scattered all around the city and traveling from one venue to another take a lot of time. This is why the luxurious and stylish limo is the favorite choice ... Read More »

Poll: How Practical are CX bicycles for light touring?

By light touring, I mean load not exceeding 20lbs. Road will be sealed, but may include small percentage of flood or heavy traffic damages. The CX bicycle would be traditional type that have provision to attach at least rear rack. Typical CX bikes would include 1. bianchi volpe 2. Masi CX Comp 3. F ... Read More »

Any body using Lynskey Sportive for light touring

I currently use Bianchi Volpe, 28c tyres, for light touring, with Lone Peak panniers front and rear. I'd like to go faster, with lighter loaded bike, and am looking hard at Lynskey Sportive. I'll be carrying rear panniers only, with baggage load <15KG. and on paved road only. Any recommendation? ... Read More »

Track cycling without T-B-T on the Edge Touring

The calculation of T-B-T navigation hints is the default behavior on the Edge Touring, also when you load a breadcrump track. You cannot switch it off just like on the Edge 800. However there is a quite simple workaround. The way to a follow a track with course points on the Edge Touring ( and I as ... Read More »

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