Leader Bike Cosmic Saddles

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Modern-style saddle with multiple colorways and textures.

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New wheels by Mavic (cosmic carbone 40 elite)

Looks like a "new" model.. cosmic carbone 40 elite (clinchers). [url=http://www.mavic.us/wheels-road-triathlon-cosmic-carbone-40-elite#.VDS96xaTGEE]Cosmic Carbone 40 Elite | Mavic - United States[/url] Based on the specs looks essentially identical to the cosmic carbone 40 clinchers, except the MS ... Read More »

Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Vs. Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR

Hey there, I've narrowed down my choice of tubular racing wheels to two: CCU's and RS XRL's. Would be great if you could let me know of your experiences with either or both of these wheels. Here are the basic differences between them CCU's are like lightweights with their carbon spokes, ma ... Read More »

Cosmic SSC 2003 - rim care/corrosion prevention

Hi All, I have a pair of mavic carbone SSC from 2003. Some water was getting into the inner rim and I removed the rim tape to check the eyelets also. I found some early stage alloy corrosion around the eyelets. A bit of light scraping removed the powdery buildup. The eyes and spokes themselves are p ... Read More »

Mavic Cosmic Elite or Williams 30?

Hi everyone, i'm looking for a set of wheels for about $500. I'm leaning towards the Williams 30 (28/32 spokes) or the Mavic Cosmic Elites. Both are 30mm aero wheels. Williams weight about 140g less (even with nearly 20 extra spokes). I've heard such great things about Williams customer service ... Read More »

Spacer(s) for Mavic Cosmic SLRs with Ultegra 10sp Cassette

Just took off my Mavic Elites and put on 2013 Mavic Cosmic SLRs. Took the Ultegra 11-28 cassette off the Elites and put on the Cosmics. Included the same single spacer used for the Elite setup. On first ride, the cassette came loose. Ride buddies recommend adding another spacer or putting on a l ... Read More »

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