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The Profile Design Kona Men's Saddle is the only saddle on the market today with enough performance enhancing features to be dubbed the OFFICIAL saddle of Ironman. The revolutionary design is lightweight, comfortable, and specifically designed for the ne

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Kona Jake the snake or Kona Rove ?

[COLOR=#000000]Hello[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I want a bike that can serve me to go to work (16km with nice hills), take a few shortcuts in the woods or road fire, and take trips around 100km (3-4 hours) the weekend (rather on roads and dirty roads...). I found two models for 1000 euros, the kona jake ... Read More »

Stolen Kona from the University of Oregon

My roommates bike that I was using was stolen the the University of Oregon campus. The cable lock was cut straight through. Its a red Kona Honky Tonk with aluminum fenders. [ATTACH=CONFIG]297573[/ATTACH] (this isn't the bike just a picture of the same model and color pulled from the internet) If ... Read More »

Kona Rove - Default Kona Project Two Fork - Dimensions?

Hi there, anyone here who is riding a Kona Rove (Cyclocrosser/ Grindel) and ca do me a big favor? I can't find any details on the default steel fork (Kona Project Two Fork) of the Kona Rove, in particular I am interested in the height of the fork (axle to crown). I only find on the web confusing m ... Read More »

Headset for Kona

I'm shopping for a headset for my 2013 Jake the Snake frame. The Cane Creek finder says I need a ZS 44 (28.6), ZS 56 (40) headset with a press fit crown race. Does anyone know if the Chris King Inset 2 in Mango is applicable?Read More »

Why did Caroline Steffen wear a Lazer Helium vs aero helmet in Kona

Aero helmets save 3-5 minutes over an Ironman distance... why would Caroline Steffen (fifth in the bike leg I think?) wear a normal road helmet? That just seems like an obvious choice to me. In an Ironman distance, every aero advantage is amplified. ZachRead More »

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