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The S3X saddle is one of the lightest on the market. By designing the saddle’s surface with intentional flex, we’ve saved weight and offered surprising comfort for this weight.

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Kilo s3x freewheel question

Hello, I have a Kilo s3x ([url][/url]) and was wondering if I'll be able to switch it to a freewheel. I've been doing some searching and I've gotten some mixed results varying from, it will fit a 16t bmx freewheel; to not being possible. If ... Read More »

S3X hub?

Anyone ridden a bike with an S3X hub (3 speed fixed). Curious about getting one for commuting. [SIZE=3][URL=""][/URL][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][/SIZE] [URL=" ... Read More »

SA S3X Hub Release and Pricing

SA S3X Hub Release and Pricing As many of you know - the S3X hub is out Due to requests on this forum I imported a few sets of S3X wheels in addition to complete bikes; sales on both are good. But the wheels will have to be increased in price. As many know; I hate price increases and actuall ... Read More »

S3X hub as FW - can you?

We have lots of questions about weather you can use a FW on the new SA S3X hub: We have tested the new ones and you can - but for a technical reason we suggest 16T or larger So our take on this is: you can run this hub as fixed 3-speed or as FW 3-speed and the operation of the hub seems good ... Read More »

S3X is for real and in at last

know some people have wondered if the SA S3X hub is vapor ware Well i can report we just got in and unloaded our first container of bikes with these hubs And they will start shipping Monday So the hub is for real I have not seen the hub only on P&A sites yet; but I am sure it should arrive ... Read More »

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