San Marco Concor Light Saddles

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The Concor Light is the updated version of the original Concor which revolutionised racing in the 80's. Debuted in 1989, it was a whole new concept of saddle quickly became an icon due to its' design and lightness. Today more than ever it is the saddle preferred by famous professionals.

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Selle San Marco Concor Light Saddle

I usually ride the selle San Marco Aspide on my bikes. But have been entertaining the Concor Light. NO LBSin my area offers the Concor light. Is it THAT good of a saddle to have survived so long? Is it very comfortable. I understand the "delicate" nature of saddles, but I need some feedba ... Read More »

Concor Light vs Gobi

I've been through a bunch of saddles trying to find one that would work. The best I've found so far has been the Aliante, but it's too wide for me and causes pressure on the inner thigh on the downstroke. Based on C-40's ideas, I'm thinking that the Gobi would be a good next bet. But I've als ... Read More »

San Marco Regal or Concor Light?

If you had to pick from these two, which would you think is more beneficial in relieving perineal pressure?Read More »

Selle San Marco Concor Light

My LBS recommended a San Marco Concor for a crotch numbness problem I've been having. How many of you use this? How do you like it? I know saddles are a personal thing, he's actually going to loan it to me for a few days to try out.Read More »

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