Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddles

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The Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddle is the result of tireless efforts by Selle Italia's research and development team to define and create what they have termed the "perfect saddle". It has a wide set platform with padding that is minimal so you feel suppo

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Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow - Not Made Anymore!!!! Is the Max or Another Saddle =

In 2008, after discovering that my preferred saddle at the time was no longer made, it took me some time and a bunch of trial and error to find a saddle I liked. Yeee hah? It was the Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow. I was searching the Selle Italia web site last night and to my shock and horror learn ... Read More »

Selle Italia Max Flite gel flow reviews?

Hi, I'm interesting for the Selle Italia Max Flite gel flow saddle but I can't find reviews anywhere. Any users of that saddle here? Any reviews? I've a closet full of saddles and I don't wanna hurry and buy another expensive resident. I have a relative wide seat bones, so no saddles<140mm for ... Read More »

flite trans am/ flite gel flow? Diff.?

What is the differenc between the flight trans am and the flight gel flow? Or are they the same saddle, different name, different production year?Read More »

former S.I. flite gel flow users !!

ok so i have had it trying to ride with this saddle, i've done everything to try and make it work for me but no luck. anyone who has tried this saddle and switched to something else? what did you switch too? i'm looking for something with the cut out. thats the only good thing about the flite. any s ... Read More »

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