Selle Italia Iron Saddles

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It’s not a matter of speed, strength or endurance. It’s an Iron Will.

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Has anyone flown United with a Trico Iron Case recently?

If so, how did it go? (fees, hassles, etc) I know there's a search function for these sorts of things, but I'm looking for the most recent experiences possible. Bonus points if your flight was out of DCA or IAD. Thanks!Read More »

Determining Sports Anemia (pseudo-anemia) vs iron deficiency?

My doctor noted low hematocrit, hemoglobin, and red blood cell counts at my last appointment and wants me to see a gastroenterologist which I understand because men usually don't suffer from iron deficiency and internal bleeding is a common cause when meat-eaters do. However my pattern of low and ... Read More »

Iron supplementation for women athletes.

>>> iron supplementation improved women’s exercise performance, in terms of both the highest level they could achieve at 100% exertion (maximal capacity) and their exercise efficiency at a submaximal exertion. Women who were given iron were able to perform a given exercise using a lower heart rate a ... Read More »

Anyone need a spot for Iron Horse Classic?

I have an entry spot I can't use fro Iron Horse Classic 2014Read More »

2014 Iron Horse Classic - ....Waitlist....? worth it, or move on?

I spent the fall planning my rides for next year planning against vacation time, the kids. whatever. The Iron Horse in Durango was one of my picks. However by the time I got my registration in on day one (that evening), for the Citizens ride, I ended up waitlist #4. -Sh*t!- I have sent a few emai ... Read More »

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