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WTB Comfort V Saddles

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MSRP : $40.00

Product Description

WTB Comfort V Saddle. The sporty Comfort V saddle suits recreational and leisure riders looking for a deeply cushioned saddle with broad sit bone support. Features: Flex-tuned shell with Comfort Zone

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saddles, wt v comfort.

I know saddles only fit a particular butt bone size... So with that out of the way. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION on which approximately 200g saddle is the most comfortable? Fizik, sella, etc etc.Read More »

Perf v Comfort: Frame v wheels v tires v psi ?

In trying to achieve the nirvana of very good performance and yet very good comfort (especially for those of us in the second half of a century (miles or years)), how would you rate frame stiffness vs wheels, tires, and tire pressure? Better to get a stiff frame (eg Scott Addict) and wheels and use ... Read More »

Hybrid v. Comfort Bike

We plan to really start biking for fitness and fun and to maintain our stamina for winter skate skiing. We have Raleigh Venture 3.0 Comfort Bikes but they seem to ride like tanks. We visited a LBS and was recommended the Scott Sportster P6 Hybrid. This is new to us so we are not sure if we actua ... Read More »

Cobb V-Flow Max saddle/pelvis and comfort

Wondering if anyone here is riding any of the Cobb saddles? I am re-entering the cycling ranks after ~21 years of triathlon....knees can't take the running. I went to one of Cobb's V-Flow saddles some time ago and it was a panacea for all things comfort and point tenderness. It allowed me to rota ... Read More »

deep V zipp rim comfort

Is the deep V have a stiff ride as people say? Is it really bad? what about zipp carbon rims do they ride smoother like a carbon seatpost vs alloy seatpost? (I've never tried)Read More »

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