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3T Doric LTD Seatposts

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MSRP : $169.99

Product Description

3T Doric LTD Carbon/Aluminum Seatpost: DORIC LTD is an inline seatpost with a minimalist design focused on the essentials of comfort, security, and ease of use. The top-grade carbon-fiber shaft is very light and compliant, soaking up road shocks...

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3T Doric Ltd + Specialized Romin = Torn bibs

Hi, Is anybody using this post and saddle combo? I am, and during a 50km ride this morning I found that my bibs were rubbing on the sharp edge of the cradle which the saddle rails sit in and after an hour or so, they've worn through/ripped and I've now got a pretty sore scrape on the inside of ... Read More »

3T Doric LTD Seatpost?

has anyone ridden one? quality of seatpost? how it rides? i am 185 lbs and i am assuming this seatpost will handle my heavy a....s. i know it has a zero setback and that is ok with my set up.Read More »

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