Airborne Ti Seatpost Seatposts

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Airborne Ti Seatpost

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Seven ti seatpost?

Has anyone tried Seven's ti seatpost? Considering it versus the Eriksen sweetpost for an Axiom. I like the full ti look of the moots bikes that have the moots posts, and so thinking of the same concept for my Seven. Any direct comparisons would be helpful. Heard good things about the Eriksen. If ... Read More »

Clamp-on rack on ti seatpost?

I have a 2002 Litespeed Classic with a Litespeed ti seatpost. I'd like to put my clamp-on rack (not quick release) on the bike. Am I looking at disaster? I have old aluminum seatposts that I can swap out if I really have to but I'd rather not if I don't have to. Thanks in advance for your opinions.Read More »

Ti or carbon seatpost?

I was going to get a seatpost for my hubby as well...thinking about getting the Eriksen Ti seatpost. They seem to have gotten great reviews, but I thought carbon would be more comfortable. Any thoughts? Thanks guys!! JanRead More »

Ti Seatpost...What are my options?

Looking for a Ti seatpost in a 31.6 Dia.x 350mm length, with set-back, brushed finish and an adjustment bolt on the bottom. I know, I know I'm being very picky, but I have a Litespeed Siena and would like to get my Regal saddle on this bike. I am currently using a Thomson straight post and an SLR ... Read More »

KCNC Ti pro lite seatpost

Does anyone have this seatpost and what do you think about it? It is a really light product and scandium is supposedly the more comfy alu? Not too sure abt the facts i m giving out here... But please give some feed back! thanks :pRead More »

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