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Felt B16 Seatposts?

I am looking for a seat post compatible with the Felt B16 that allows lateral adjustment of the saddle, either angular or linear. Any recommendations?Read More »

watch those seatposts

Pray this doesn't happen to you. [url=http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/02/25/chinese-students-bicycle-seat-breaks-and-gyah/]Chinese Student[/url]Read More »

Neato article on VN about seatposts

Found in the new VN issue, but some pics from the online article. Sorry, doesn't look like I can pull up bigger ones. 2nd pic is most troublesome, but you can maybe squint the key points. Added key notes. Maybe you "know all the answers", but if you're ever curious about quantitative data like me,,, ... Read More »


Need a 31.6mm Zero offset and I am just tired of searching, comparing, blah. Indecision is a real problem for me.... Ritchey WCS 1 bolt Alloy OR Thomson Elite? Which would you choose and why? Secondly, Would you buy a carbon post for CX? Would a carbon seatpost really provide any more vi ... Read More »

Looking for some input on seatposts

I'm in the process of ordering my new Seven Axiom SL. So far I have my wheels picked out (HED Belguim C2's laced to Chris King R45 hubs), color scheme, saddle (is coming off my current bike), handlebars (my fitter is helping me with that, as I need something with a shallow drop/short reach). But t ... Read More »

Read More »

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