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Avenir Seat Post

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Seat Post clamp torque

My seat post clamp on S Works Roubaix, says torque to 16 newton meters. That seems like an awful lot? It feels tight enough that I'm starting to worry when I get near 12. New Park Torque Wrench, seems to be working fine, I'm just not used to that much pressure on a (particularly) carbon frame seat ... Read More »

Will a Fizik Kurve Seat Fit a Trek Domane/Madone Seat Post?

I'm itching to buy a Fizik Kurve Chameleon seat, however, I'm concerned about the seat's rails. Apparently the seat has a 9 mm oval rail. I have a 2014 Trek Domain and if you're familiar with Trek bikes, you know the Domain has a "side clamp" seat post. [I]Will the Fizik Kurve work on the Trek ... Read More »

Seat post suggestions?

I need a 27.2 black setback seat post. Any favorites?Read More »

VM to VR seat post

Any AR users switch from the VM to the VR seat posts on their ARs? I have a 2014 AR4 and was just wondering if anyone has changed and noticed a big improvement. What was the total cost? I just switched from running Conti Gator hardshell tires to 25mm Michelin pro4 service course tires and I cannot ... Read More »

Creaky seat post

Hi all I can see that this issue has been addressed before, mainly in cf and aluminium frames. Mine is a Ti Lynskey R230, and there is considerable creaking that I have identified as coming from the seat post within the seat tube. It is easily recreated by holding the seat tube in one hand and th ... Read More »

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