Cannondale C2 Seatposts

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Cannondale C2 Carbon Seatpost is the choice for anyone looking to reduce harsh vibration and parasitic weight off the vital pelvis-to-bike interface. Excellent clamp design makes it easy to adjust and fine-tune your ride.

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New HED C2 Wheelset from Prowheelbuilder

Hello everyone, I need to replace the crappy Bontrager wheelset that comes standard on my Trek Madone since it keeps bending under my weight (I'm 210 pounds, trying to shed some weight biking) The build I'm thinking about is the following: [TABLE="class: t1, width: 648"] [TR] [TD="class: td1"][B]F ... Read More »

HED Belgium C2 + With TRP CX 9's?

Forgive the stupid question, but I'm spec'ing out my first cx bike and know nothing about the brakes. From what I've read, rim clearance is pretty close with this type of brake. Is it because of rim width or cable pull? Also, with 105 10sp shifters, will the 8.4's perform just as good(adjustable n ... Read More »

Belgium C2 vs. C2+

I've got 23mm Ardennes up front and am building the rear. 25mm is an option with a nominal weight penalty. I'm tempted to get the Belgium C2 for balance but the trend is wider. Is the C2+ worth it? Who has run both and wants to say there's a difference?Read More »

Orbea Aqua 50 2014 vs Specialized Allez C2 2014

Hiya Guys, Totally new to cycling forums so ill do my best to get the info right. Im completely new to the world of cycling, so in terms of technicalities and specidications please go easy with me. Ive been riding on an old halford/ costco bike for some years now, and upon returning to univers ... Read More »

Looking for feedback on my wheel choice (HED C2 + CK hubs)

Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my wheels from the entry-level Mavic Aksiums I currently ride. I ride a Tarmac now, but will likely be getting something more "endurance" later this year (maybe carbon, maybe Ti) - so I'll move the new wheels over when I get the new bike. I'm currently thinking the ... Read More »

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